Monday, December 19, 2005

Smart birds!

While off at the local garden center Saturday to buy the perfect Frasier fir tree, I saw something that made me smile and plonk a 40lb bag of wild bird seed in my shopping cart.

The Christmas trees were all outdoors, subdivided by type.

Inside the garden center, where the pointsettias and other plants were kept in tropical warmth, there was a wall full of different wild bird feeders and sacks of various types of seeds. Two large doors slid open every time someone passed the motion detector.

Somewhere along the line, one very bright sparrow had come inside, discovered the sacks of food, pecked a hole open in one, and, no doubt, had one very filling repast, at least. Soon, he or she was joined by a flock, numbering approximately 40, who have now set up residence on the inside, hangin' out on the shelves above the bird seed.

At one point when I glanced up, about 12 were perched on the edge of a box containing sacks of seed, with the words "FEED THE BIRDS" in bright red across its side.



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