Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What about all those dotty old ladies Graham Chapman played on Monty Python?

Germaine Greer came out swinging in a recent lecture, railing against British actresses and their potrayals of septugenarian women in adverts on the telly as one more contributing factor to ageism:

“Why is that character loveable? I’m sick and tired of being the person in a television commercial who is too stupid to understand the directions on a detergent packet,” Professor Greer said in a lecture entitled The Image of Age.

She makes some good points. Ask yourself when was the last time you've seen a woman over 65 in any advertisement who looks like she's intelligent, or street-smart, or even capable?



Blogger Sakshi said...

hi!..this is on a different note. Didnt have your mail add so posting it here...the good news is in.

Spike(my dog) has become a proud father of 6 puppies. Will be posting theie snaps tomm on my blog. Thats ISD Time.

When you get time...have a peak. :)

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