Wednesday, August 24, 2005

When did men start lactating?

How did I miss this in the news???

Apparently Karisma Kapoor-Kapur's soon-to-be ex-husband has quite some parenting skills:

He charged Karisma with not acting in the best interests of the child as she proposed to take a five-month-old baby to the US on an illegally obtained passport. By doing so, she was depriving Samaira of the right to the company and care of her father, Sanjay Kapur maintained.

He further accused Karisma of not having spent time with their daughter even though he was allegedly nursing her.

"If anything, this gruelling ordeal would seriously jeopardise the health and emotional well- being of our daughter," Sanjay Kapur alleged.


Blogger Sakshi said...

U know...i know someone..who knows someone...who someone..who knows someone...who knows Karisma Kapoor's family and they say that the marriage problems cause of Karisma's mother Babita.

Apparantly Karisma doesnt set a foot without her mum's permission.(if you get what i mean).

She supposedly interefered a lot in their married life.

7:06 AM  
Blogger Olinda said...

I can see how that coudl cause problems.

Did you see the long thread on Sepia Mutiny yesterday about the NY Times article on Indian arranged marriages in the US? That got off a bit on the side topic of parental interference.

Now here's a question for you... what was the cause of Karisma's break-up with Abhishek anyway?

7:47 AM  
Blogger Sakshi said... source tells me BABITA MAMA was again the main cause of the break-up.

Apparently...she did not THE NANDAS to attend the couple'weddin ( which was arranged to be in the same to when Karisma got married to her EX-HUSBAND). Anywaz the Bachans flatly said NO to this demand cause the THE NANDAS are Abhishek's sister Shewta's they have to be invited. There was lot of fuss on this finally they broke up.

Some people also say that it was Mama Bachan who caused a problem..cause she demanded that Karisma wud not work in movies after marriage...but Karisma and her mother did not agree with this.

All in all i feel...that the break up was cause of FAMILY FUNDAS.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Sakshi said...

PS - dont we sound like some gossipy aunties....???

7:59 AM  
Blogger Olinda said...

Yes, we do!

And I love it!

8:13 AM  

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